What is Deep Learning Blog?

This about the 10th time I have tried to put my thoughts down about learning.  The subject is so big, I always become overwhelmed by all the information and can’t figure out how to organize it to suit my purpose.

Just today, I remembered a lesson taught to me by a former boss.  The concept of “good enough”.  It goes like this:

If you can’t do everything to perfection, then you have to figure out what is good enough.  Different tasks and projects will have a different good enough, so figure out the good enough for each task and project that allows you to both meet your schedule and satisfy your objectives.

My plan is to use this blog to flesh out my ideas on deep learning and also build a separate e-learning site that will use these ideas to build courses using the concepts from deep learning, instructional design technology (IDT), and learning theory.

What I hope I am able to do is to take these concepts and produce a logical plan for producing learning.  The goal I would like to reach, is to automate the process so that a subject matter expert (SME) could respond to an interview type process and have the course developed automatically.

My guess is that I will never get that far, but it seems a worthy goal to shoot for.  At a minimum, it should be able to prompt a SME with all the right questions and record the answers.  Maybe the end result will be a combination of automation and manual operations.

Please feel free to comment.  Correct me when I’m wrong, point me to new research, and give me your insights.